Ariosto: Human knowledge and generous nature.


We are at the end of the 50s, in the countryside of the province of Reggio Emilia. A restaurant specializing in roasted meats, is rapidly making its reputation grow by word of mouth among visiting costumers. But what is the secret? It is the special blend of herbs with which the cook flavours meat: a typical preparation of the area called "consa" made with garlic, rosemary, sage and other herbs finely chopped. The restaurateur, at the end of the meal, also has the good habit of offering its customers a small gift, a portion of that delicious preparation which gives a unique flavour to his dishes



This initiative was so successful that encouraged him to start a small artisan production of this special blend and market it under the name of Ariosto, as the poet Ludovico Ariosto's birthplace is nearby and also for the sound similar to the words roast, the dish from which it all started.

During the following years, thanks to the work of Marco Gozzi, the company Ariosto Spa develops brand awareness at national level and then in many countries around the world, expanding the range of products and keeping, despite the time passing by, the same wise genuineness.

Today, in fact, our preparations are still made in the traditional way using the original recipes with certified raw materials and the most rigorous food hygiene checks.

If also nowadays we are able to bring to the table dishes so rich in flavour and so tempting in aromas we owe it to the wisdom of an “Emilian” cook and the generosity of nature, the real "parents" of Ariosto, the most popular flavour enhancer for those who want to give a special twist to their dishes.